8 Effective Ways to Build White-Hat Backlinks to Your Website

For many years, link builders focused on quantity. This is no longer the case. Link building is now a different game altogether.

Building links is a gradual process. Pages where you acquire backlinks matter a lot. You need to pay attention to their authority in the niche and quality of content.

These are the most effective ways to build white-hat backlinks to your website:

Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an old technique used for link building. It still works if you use it right. To achieve success with this method, you need to be authentic and strategic. Create unique content and publish it on a website that is authoritative and relevant to your audience.

If you do it selectively, you will enjoy higher rankings, qualified leads, and increased traffic.

Use Social Media

Social media is changing how internet marketing is done. If you use it correctly, it can help you with your guest posting and link building campaigns.

Make sure you are active on social media by sharing updates, images, videos, and new posts. In this way, you will expose your website to more people who might share your content with others. Thus, you can boost your visibility and improve your link profile.

Use Resource Links

You can also utilize resource links. However, you should ensure you are only getting them from trusted websites. Many authority websites have resource pages. They do so by compiling blogs in their industry that their users can find interesting and helpful.

Start by creating a huge resource article. This will help you acquire more backlinks. You can then increase your resource pages over time.

It is advisable to build links to your resource pages through outreach. Since you have linked to these websites first, you are likely to get links back.

Grow Your Brand

Growing your brand is one of the best link building practices. When your brand grows, you will start getting backlinks naturally. The good thing about a natural link is that it offers credit where it is earned. This is something every blogger is after.

Earning these links depends on your brand and the quality of content you publish. Consistent blogging can help you grow your brand. This is because it helps you get the attention you deserve.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Backlinks

Analyze the different competitors that rank higher than you in search engine result pages (SERPs). They are probably doing something you are not doing.

There is a need to spy on your competitors. This will help you know the source of their backlinks. Also, you can see their lucrative keywords.

List down the websites that link to your competitor. After this, you should start reaching out to these websites to get white-hat backlinks to your website.

Monitor Your Backlinks

Most bloggers spend a lot of money and time acquiring new backlinks. Unfortunately, most of them fail to track their status.

When you fail to track backlinks, it becomes difficult to determine whether you should stop or keep on building more.

Remember you are not in control over authority websites and blogs that link to your site. Thus, site owners can remove the links without letting you know. This explains why you should keep tracking your backlinks.

Create Content Pillars

There is a need to create content that is useful. This means your content should solve problems and links will come naturally.

Your online business cannot become successful without content. It does not matter what you are selling, you must give people reasons to publicize you.

Start by determining the appropriate frequency for publishing content. Bombarding your audience with several posts a day might not be helpful. This is likely to result in information overload.

It is advisable to create pillar content regularly. Pillar content is a tutorial-like article meant to teach your target audience something. This means it will have lots of practical advice and tips.

Get Editorial Links

Your competitors might be beating you hands-down because of editorial links. These links are considered to be valuable and are given freely by websites that are not looking for any favor in return.

You can only get editorial links if your content is compelling. Create more pillar content and tutorials with accurate data and statistics.

Link building is not dead. It has only changed from focusing on quantity to quality of links. You need to be strategic and smart when building backlinks. Remember your challenge is not link building, but getting trusted, natural, and high-quality backlinks.

Follow the above strategies and you will get massive white-hat backlinks that will not get your site penalized by search engines.

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